In 2019, Jamie Davis had the opportunity to work with an organization that goes into public schools to speak to young people about the issues and obstacles they face. The aim of this organization is to challenge students to make choices today that would put them in prime position to reach their goals and dreams tomorrow.

Within the sessions we established that media could quite often be a negative influence in our lives. After this we would ask the students who their positive influences were. They’d typically answer with: Mom, Dad, Coaches, Teachers etc. The next question was “Is there maybe a faith-based organization you are part of?”, with little or no response.        

Every now and then, a student would answer “Church! Oh yeah! My pastor or youth leader”. After witnessing this many times, Jamie came to a stunning conclusion. Either the students of this generation are unchurched and not raised with God at the center like he was as a kid OR there are christian students sitting at those desks that are too ashamed to admit it. With Jamie being unsure of which is worse. THE OUTLOUD PROJECT was born.

Jamie answered God’s call to go to as many audiences of Christian students as possible. To encourage them to live their faith OUT LOUD for Jesus in a culture that says we should hide.

We believe this generation of young people have more coming at them than any generation before them. With such easy access to pornography and the rise of anxiety and depression among students alone, they are setup to fail.

There are many choices they will have to make in order to avoid the pitfalls that can so easily derail them. Even so the number one choice is; what will they do with Jesus? Will they take him into their everyday life? At home? At school?

We believe an old time declaration is needed. ‘I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. No turning back.’  

This is why every session always ends with a simple invitation to invite Jesus into their life. He always was and always will be the answer for the world. There is hope. It’s time for this generation to take the lead in advancing God’s kingdom.

We are here to inspire them and then watch them run.