Meet Our Leaders


 Jamie Davis was born in Detroit, MI into a musical family. At 9 months old, at church, he met his first love…the drum set. He banged on pots and pans or anything not moving all through his childhood.

At 15 he became a “professional drummer”. He dreamed of being good enough someday to play with the type of people he heard on the radio. Years later he moved to Nashville, TN, and did just that. He traveled both the USA and other parts of the world playing and sharing stages with some of Christian music’s brightest stars.

In 2014 he moved to California and began church ministry. He became a speaker for an organization that challenges students to make choices now that will lead to staying on track to reach their goals and dreams. Trying to identify the positive influences in their lives the question was asked, “Is there a faith-based community that you’re part of with positive role models?”. When repeatedly few if any answered “church, pastor or youth leader” he came to a stunning realization. Either these kids did not grow up attending church like when he was a kid or there were Christian students present that were too ashamed to admit it.

With this, he developed a new mission. To go to as many youth audiences to encourage Christians to live their faith OUT LOUD for the world to see.

After 25 years in the music industry, he learned that it’s not only important how well he can play but also that he has a voice; something to say. So JamieSpeaks, the No Turning Back Tour, No Turning Back Music (Record Company), the non-profit “The Outloud Project” and the Outloud Speaking Tour were born. 

Jamie Davis

Founder & CEO

OUTLOUD Project, NTBM, & JamieSpeaks



Hey, Jordan and Hannah here. We are based in Barnsley, England. We are Youth Pastors of Together Church.

Jordan is also the Worship Pastor and a producer and artist with NTBMUK, and Hannah also works as a beauty therapist.

We got married in 2020 and are just loving life together and loving growing together and growing in our faith.

We are so passionate about youth and seeing young people come to Christ. We love seeing young people lost in worship and word and just sold out for God. We believe that young people need to be heard and seen as they have so much to give. We want young people not to be ashamed of who they are and what they believe in. We want them to live out loud for God and share their faith with others.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds and to see so many young people give their life to Christ. Be blessed!

Jordan & Hannah Corbett

Assistant Directors | The Outloud Project